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My New graphic community.. join it... it rocks the bitch. [ January 19th, 2005 ]

[mood| Chipper ]
[Music| Britney Spears - The Answer]

It would be lovely if everyone went and joined my new graphic community!

Paris and Nicole Love it.. more the reason to join gotgraphic
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Stars and Atmosphere [ July 20th, 2004 ]

credit for banner goes to: twistedangel617

Hi my names Amy ... welcome to my live journal, it's friends only
(read my user info if you would like to know more about me and my interests!) ... so here are some simple rules in which i think you should all read before going and adding me to your friends list...

1. Leave a comment and ask to be added.

2. Wait till i approve of you ( i add you) and then add me back
3. Dont type like ThIs iTs VeRy FuCkInG aNnOyInG!!!
4. If you say your gonna add me , then well you better actually post comments in my lj posts regulary otherwise i will remove you from my friends list!
5. You may promote.
28 said...You are my endless love

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